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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest, safest, and most impactful kinds of cosmetic dentistry available today. we offer a variety of methods. some of which we conduct right here in our office, others which you can do at your convenience in daily sessions at home or during your commute. Depending upon your own particular dental health and causes of discoloration, we'll help you determine which system would benefit you most.

Remember, it's important that we have a brief consultation prior to your choosing a whitening system, since some people are better candidates than others for the treatment. Further, whitening does not lighten resins, silicants, porcelains or other synthetic materials.

Available methods for tooth whitening
1.Home bleaching

This is a more common way of bleaching teeth. It involves custom-made bleaching trays and syringes containing a safe bleaching gel. Teeth bleaching gels for home use are usually of thick viscosity, pleasant-tasting, and contain carbamide peroxide in different concentrations. Teeth whitening involves two short office visits. The first one is for taking impressions for the custom-fabricated trays and the second one to pick up the trays and the bleaching agent. One needs to wear the gel-containing trays only two or more hours for a few days. The teeth bleaching results on yellow/brown teeth are most dramatic.
Some patients may experience some sensitivity which usually diminishes during the course of treatment. Some bleaching gels contain potassium nitrate which seems to reduce sensitivity.

Teeth bleaching at home has no influence on the enamel wear rate. Carbamide peroxide does not damage surfaces of existing fillings. However, remember that fillings don't bleach.

In severe cases of dental staining, such as tetracycline stains, a combination of power bleaching and home bleaching may give desirable results.

2. Power bleaching or Office bleching:

This form of teeth bleaching involves high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The most common teeth bleaching agent for power bleaching is hydrogen peroxide in concentrations of about 30 to 35%. Due to their caustic nature, these tooth whitening materials have the potential to cause soft tissue injuries, which usually heal within 1 to 2 weeks. Therefore this way of teeth bleaching is performed only in the dental office with appropriate protection of the oral soft tissues.

A "curing light" is sometimes used with the peroxide to accelerate the bleaching process

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