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What are implants made of ?
Dental implants are basically sophisticated screws made of a medically pure metal, Titanium. These screws are then placed in the jaw bone and rest under the gum for 3 - 6 months. During this time they actually fuse to the jawbone and become osseo(bone)integrated. After the appropriate healing time, uncover the implants and use them to replace one or more missing teeth by fabricating some sort of dental prosthesis. They allow you to function more normally than comventional dentures or bridges.
Is it posiible to have implant treatment done at an advanced age ?
Age is not a criteria provided the patient’s medical condition does not compromised the treatment.
Do implants hurt ? is this treatment painful ?
Placing the implants requires a small operation. This can be carried out under local anaesthetia. The placement will therefore be painless, but you may feel some discomfort during the week following the surgery. This is usually due to having sutures (stitches) in place, and the normal healing process. Most patient may not even need a painkiller on the following day of procedure.
Will I able to chew and function normally ?
Yes. Once your implants have integrated, you will be able to function normally without any unusual sensations
I have some of my own teeth. Can I still have implants ?
Yes. You can have any number of teeth replaced with implants - from one single tooth, to a complete set. It depends on the state of the bone in your jaw
Can Implants be rejected? Can my body react in an adverse way ?
No! They are made of an inert metal which has no history of rejection by the body. If failure should occur, and this is only a remote possibility, it is mechanical in nature and not due to rejection by the body. By the way, depending on the source you read, implants are anywhere from 85-95 percent successful depending upon certain factors such as implant location, amount and quality of bone etc. These factors will be evaluated before we place your implants. If you have any questions regarding this or any other aspect of the implant process, ask your dentist.
Titanium has no allergic component and is completely neutral in the body.
Will everyone know I have dental implants? Will I have a feeling of foreign body ?
Since the prosthesis covers the implant posts, no one will know, unless you tell them, however, dental implant patients usually want the "world to know" how their implants have changed their lives.
Will I be without teeth at any time during the treatment and the healing phase ?
If you had a removable denture before the treatment, you can normally continue to use it after minor adjustment. Otherwise the gap is closed by a temporary denture. In some circumstances it can be attached to the implants immediately - as a long-term temporary denture
Is there a minimum age for Implants ?
Bone growth should be complete at the time of implant placement. This can be assumed to be the case at the age of 18 years. In doubtful cases the bone can be assessed by x-raying the bones in the hand.
I am diabetic. Can I still have an implant ?
Yes, but your diabetes should be stable and under control. Poorly managed or untreated diabetes can cause metabolic problems with the healing process. In case of doubt the implantologist will consult your diabetes physician.
What is the predictable time span for an implant to function successfully ?
Titanium implant with optimal prosthetic load does not break and is immune to caries. With appropriate oral hygiene and care, implants can last a lifetime.
Under what anesthesia implants are placed ?
Local anaesthesia is most commonly used for placement of dental implants. Longer procedures requiring multiple implant placement may be done under intravenous sedation also for apprehensive patients.
Does an implant beep with metal detectors ?
Implants are not magnetic and much small to trigger the detector.
What is a sinus lift procedure ?
A sinus lift procedure involves the raising of the sinus lining in the back part of the upper jaw, where bone loss has caused the sinus to invade spaces of upper teeth. A bone graft is used to make bone in the created space to allow successful placement of implants.
Are dental implants advisable for smokers ?
The long term success rate of implants can be endangered by smoking.
Are The Teeth Difficult To Clean?
Cleaning around the teeth attached to the implants is no more difficult than cleaning natural teeth. However, there may be areas that present particular problems and you'll be shown methods to help.
What are the benefits of Implant supported dentures?
A full denture is difficult for many patients to wear and get used to. Sore spots and difficulty in chewing is caused when a denture moves around in the mouth. Over the period of time the dental ridges required to support a denture will shrink creating a problem keeping dentures in place.

Implants can be utilized to hold the denture in place. There will be a major improvement in fit and function.

Lower dentures require 2 or 4 implants to properly hold them in place for normal function. 2 implant supported denture will be implant and tissue supported denture while with 4 implants it will be totally implant supported denture.

Although implants are usually placed for stability of lower dentures, implants can also be placed to add to the stability of upper dentures.

The success rate of properly cared implants is approximately 95%.
Benefits of Implant supported denture
• Better support and stability
• Better ability to chew
• Improved appearance
• Be more confident
• Maintain a healthier diet
Are there different qualities of implants?
Like any other product implants are different in quality. Your implantologist can give you detailed advice on implant quality. Don't forget to ask about long-term success rates. Also ask about the long-term availability of replacement parts in case your denture ever needs to be repaired.
Why can I trust FRIADENT implants?
FRIADENT implants are German quality products that are the result of decades of research, development and documented clinical experience. The are manufactured with precision machinery and packaged under cleanroom conditions. The entire product chain starting from purchase of the raw materials is subject to rigid certified quality standards.

Our range of products includes three systems with differently shaped implants in various sizes and lengths, which means that the implantologist can select the exact solution for your particular situation. All implants are pure surgical titanium and have a unique microstructured titanium oxide surface, which actively supports the bone healing processes. The highly developed surface properties enable bone cells to be directly deposited on the implant and the new bone. FRIADENT implants provide the best conditions for optimum healing and permanent stability.

FRIADENT systems also offer highly esthetic solutions for crowns, bridges and prostheses for every requirement and for every initial situation. If the denture fixed to FRIADENT implants ever needs repair or replacement, you can be sure that your dentist will be able to procure all the required components anywhere is the world even years later.

At Precious Smile we are having one of the world best Implant system Xive Implants from Frident (U.K. ) which is commericially available world wide. Xive implants are U.S. FDA, CE approved system having research background and good success rate since long.
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