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General Anesthesia & Concious Sediation
General Anesthesia
General anesthesia is a management technique that uses medications to cause the child or an adult person to become unconscious or asleep while receiving dental care. It is provided by an anesthetist.
Who should receive dental care with general anesthesia?
Children or an adult with severe anxiety and/or inability to cooperate are the good candidates to receive general anesthesia.
Anyone with compromised health or who are physically or mentally challenged and require special needs.
Anyone who require extensive dental treatment and their anxiety cannot be controlled with conscious sedation techniques.
Is general anesthesia safe?
Although there is some risk associated with general anesthesia, it is safe when administered by an anesthetist in a properly equipped facility. We have separate surgical room with full operation theater equipment facility. Many precautions are taken to provide safety during general anesthesia. Patients are monitored closely during the general anesthesia procedure by an anesthetist to manage complications.
What special considerations are associated with the general anesthesia appointment?
A physical examination is required prior to general anesthesia for dental care. This physical examination provides information to ensure the safety of the general anesthesia procedure. You should report to us about any illness that occurs prior to the general anesthesia appointment. It may be necessary to reschedule the appointment. It is very important to follow instructions regarding preoperative fasting from fluids and foods.
Usually patients are tired following general anesthesia. Patient will be discharged when alert and ready to depart. You will be instructed to take rest at home with minimal activity planned until the next day. Post-operative dietary recommendations will also be given.
Conscious Sedation
What is conscious sedation?
Conscious sedation is a management technique that uses medications to assist the patient to cope with fear and anxiety and cooperate with dental treatment. Medications and dosages are selected that are unlikely to cause loss of consciousness in the patient.
Who should be sedated?
Patient who have a level of anxiety that prevents good coping skills or are very young and do not understand how to cope in a cooperative fashion for the delivery of dental care should be sedated.
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