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Silver filling

It is the oldest filling material used in dentistry. Though it is still a good material, but now that we have lot of new materials coming up with better properties. Silver now a days not preferred by many dentists. Other drawback with silver is that it does not have any physical bonding with tooth structure so it can easily come out of the tooth if that kid have chocolates or any other sticky things.



Less time consuming and less technique sensitive
Has got fluoride releasing property. That helps milk teeth in preventing further decay.
Better strength and looks.
Composite or compomers
Coposites: it is the best choice of filling material for any permanent teeth. even in milk teeth but it requires more time and it has to be done with proper isolation. With some kids it is difficult to do it. And that is why concept of compomer have come up.
Copomers: it is basically a combination of composite and glass ionomer.
It is chemically a composite resine with glass ionomer fillers.
Glass ionomer cements

Because of their fluoride releasing property they are material of choice in small proximal caries in milk teeth or less stress bering areas.

Should decay in milk teeth be filled?
Milk teeth are important for the overall growth and development of children and in particular the jaws and face. In addition they maintain the space for incoming permanent teeth. Hence, they need to be saved with restorations until their exfoliation.
The Glittering Filling
These specially designed sparking colored fillings are made for children’s teeth.  They are easy to use and release kid friendly fluoride against secondary cavities.
We offer four harmless brilliant, shimmery colored fillings that glitter and make filling cavities fast, easy and fun. 
Your child will be excited to choose from  among  green, ocean blue, passionate pink, and glistening gold.
Now your children can look forward to their dental treatment with a generous sprinkling of sparkle in their fillings!

The Glittering Filling

What is pulpotomy?

Deep inside the tooth is the dental pulp or the vital tissue comprising of nerves, blood vessels and other tissues. This tissue is protected by the outer covering of dentin and enamel. When the cavity becomes large and deep the caries may reach the inner vital tissue of the pulp. Thus the area of pulp adjacent to the dental decay may get infected and inflamed.
Pulpotomy is the procedure where the superficial part of the infected pulp adjacent to the area of dental decay is removed leaving behind the pulp present deeper inside.

The procedure involves clearing all the decayed tissue and removing a part of the pulp tissue followed by treatment by some medications which would promote healing of the rest of the pulp
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