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Single Tooth / Full Mouth

Single Tooth Implant:

Anyone can lose a tooth. It often happens in seconds:
playing sport and a tooth is gone, just like that.
A shock, but no great drama any more. Implants resolve the small problem naturally and invisibly. The dentist inserts the small high-tech root like implant at the position where the natural tooth was in the jaw. This usually does not take any longer than any other routine treatment by your dentist. A temporary restoration closes the gap until the implant is healed. Then the final tooth crown is fixed in place — permanently. implant  is fixed firmly in the jaw and feels identical to your natural teeth.

It's your choice: conventional bridge or implant?

As an alternative the missing tooth can generally be replaced with a fixed bridge. Healthy teeth must be ground down to fix the bridge in place. And this means the teeth that are on the left and right of the gap. They act as bridge abutments. The pontic that closes the gap is between the crowns. It is close enough to the jaw bone to look identical to a natural tooth at first but the main disadvantage is to grind atleast two natural teeth . If there is no tooth on the left or right because the gap is at the end of a row of teeth? Or a tooth bordering the gap clearly has a limited life expectancy and is therefore not suitable as a bridge abutment? Then there is the removable partial denture. It needs retainers such
as small metal clasps attached to the neighboring teeth. However, over time the metal clasps may overload the retainer teeth and cause more tooth losses. This is not necessary — you can have implants.

Implants: the best solution — in every way

An implant-borne crown does not need retainer clasps. It is not necessary to grind down any teeth. The implant also retains the natural shape of the jaw bone. Friadent implants imitate the anatomy of the natural tooth root, so the bone and gum are correctly loaded and shaped. No one will detect the tiny difference, not even you. Your new tooth is used in exactly the same way as its natural neighbors. You take care of it in exactly the same  way, and it will stay in place — even if you continue to play sport vigorously.

The conventional solution: a bridge supported by teeth. This means that the healthy neighboring teeth must be ground to support the bridge.
Sometimes only a partial denture is possible in the side tooth region.
An implant-borne crown is the best solution.
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